László Marton Biographical Information

1925 5 November, born at Tapolca.
1937 Béni Ferenczy and Elemér Fülöp visited the young artist who was already receiving recognition.
1940 An enraptured article appeared in the press concerning the work of the 15-year-old child prodigy. Received the Zala County Scholarship to the Budapest Sehool of Applied Arts where he studied until 1946.
1943 Completed his statue the `Shepherd Boy', today erected outside the artist's parental home in Tapolca.
1946 -1951 Studied at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts under the instruction of the sculptor Pal Patzay. 1949 On the occasion of the World Youth Congress held in Budapest exhibited at the Budapest Picture Gallery.
1950 Exhibited at the First Hungarian Fine Arts Exhibition held at the City Art Gallery and the National Salon of Youth Fine Art and Applied Arts.
1951 Completed his diploma work.
1952 Completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. In the Adolf Fenyes Gallery he exhibited jointly with Gyula Laszlo. Completed his life size `Tancsics' statue, which is erected at Oroshaza. 1953 Given an order for a relief of Bocskay. Receivedfirst prize at the Szondy competition. 1958 Took part in the Intenational Fine Arts Exhibition in Moseow Exhibited at the showing of `Today's Hungarian Fine Art' in Antwerp.
1960 Two of his statues shown at the Independenee `71 Exhibition' in the Palais Grand in Paris. 1962 Exhibited at the Adolf F6nyes Gallery in Budapest.
1967 Had exhibitions in the City Art Gallery in Budapest, also in Sofia and Plovdiv
1970 Exhibited at the County Cultural House at Zalaegerszeg. Exhibited together with a group of artists in Warsaw.
1972 Exhibited at the City Art Gallery. Reeeived first prize at the D6zsa Competition.
1973 Exhibited at the Cultural House in Mez6tur. His `Kölcsey' statue was unveiled in Szatmarcseke and his statuette entitled `Dózsa' in Mezôtúr.
1975 Exhibited in Berlin.
1976 Exhibited at the Youth House in Zalaegerszeg.
1977 Exhibited in Veszprem, Héviz and Tapolea.
1978 Exhibited both in the National Gallery in Budapest and the Cultural House in Szentes.
1979 Exhibition opened at the eapital's Open Air Gallery in Vas street.
1980 His statue By the Danube' was ereeted at the Southern Gate of the Hungarian Parhament. Exhibited in Tihany
1981 Exhibited at the Szilady Gallery in Kiskunhalas.
1982 Exhibition opened at Sümeg and Zánka.
1983 Partieipated in the exhibition at the Museum of War History. Exhibited in Halle (Germany). Commissioned to to make a small statuette of Saint Christopher to eommemorate Pope JohnPaul H's visit to Poland. Exhibited jointly with László Benyi at the Balaton Gallery in Keszthely
1986 Exhibited at the Budapest Gallery. Exhibited in Senlis (France). His statue of Ferene Liszt was unveiled at the square named in honour of thecomposer in Budapest.
1988 Permanent ehamber exhibition at the Tapolca Town Museum. His `Kodály' statue was placed in the Moscow Museum of the History of the Revolution. The official Hungarian delegation presented Juan Carlos II, the king of Spain, with a small statuette By the Danube'.
1990 Permanent exhibition opened at his birthplace, the Town Musem of Tapolea. His 'Little Princess' statue, which has become a symbol of the Hungarian capital, was erected on the Danube promenade.
1991 Bust of Maubertsch erected outside the Siimeg parish church and a copy of the statue is placed at the Langenargen Museum (Germany), the painter's home town. Watercolour exhibition in Heviz at the Thermal Hotel.
1992 Marton Art Gallery opened at the artist's studio in Budapest and at his Gallery in Szigliget.
1993 H.R.H. Prinee Charles, Prince of Wales, heir to the British throne, invited the artist and his wife to his estate, Highgrove. Exhibited his statues in Balassagyarmat. His statue eomposition `Four Seasons' was ereeted at the Home for the Elderly in Pestszenterzsebet. His statue `Fortuna' was erected on the terrace of the Guest House of the Hungarian Government.
1994 Exhibited watereolours and statuettes in Heviz, Sümeg and Szigliget. His statue of Saint John Nepomuki was erected at the entrance of the Saint John Hospital. His portrait of György Ciffra was placed in Senlis (France) and the Music Academy in Budapest. The Marton Art Foundation was founded to promote the artist's work.
1995 An exhibition of his statues and watercolours was opened by H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales at the Hannah Pesehar Gallery in Great Britain (Oekley, Surrey) On the artist's 70th birthday an Exhibition opened at the Dominiean Rotunda of the Hilton Hotel Budapest.
1996 Exhibited in Dublin at the Bank of Ireland. Exhibited watereolours in Héviz where his bust of Imre Nagy was also unveiled. His bust of Zoltan Koddaly was also ereeted in Heviz. Exibited his statues at the Bank Center in Budapest.
1997 His monument of the martyr Bishop Vilmos Apor was ereeted in Budapest. His statue of Saint Martin was erected in Pannonhalma. His bust of György Festetics and portrait of János Vajda were plaeed at the Assembly Hall of the Premontrean Grammar Sehool in Keszthely His portraits of Andrew Sar16s and Peter Munk were erected at the Cardiac wing of the Toronto General Hospital.
1998 His monumental composition, the equestrian statue of Görgey was erected in the Buda Castle. The Direetor of the National Gallery of Wales invited the artist to the `Exhibition of the Century', the exhibition entitled `Princes as Patrons of the Arts from the Renaissance to Today', at which the Royal Collection Foundation will exhibit the artist's statues `Torsion' and `The little Princess', which are the property of II.R.H. Charles, Prince of Wales. Another Marton Gallery opened on the lake shore in the artist's hometown, Tapolca. (Tapolca, Batsanyi János utca 11.) Tel./Fax: (36-1) 375-0985 (www.martongallery.hu / e-mail: marton@martongallery.hu)
1999 Commissioned to make the Milleneum monument (Cantata profana) and the statue of Count Klebelsberg Kuno to be erected in Budapest. Four Season's was erected at his hometown. In Heviz were unveiled the fountain Nymph, and the memorial stone to Dr Karoly Moll and his wife. His statue "Ecce Homo" and the "Patron Saint of the Hungarians" were placed in the new chureh at Héviz as well. The busts of 1. Molnár and J. Dalnoki were erected at the People's Park in Budapest.
The O'svath monument was erected in Csenger. In Papa he was comissioned to make a statue of count Karoly Eszterházy.
2000 His touring exhibition in Japan was opened by Prince Takamodo and Princess Hiszako in the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Art Space Center Gallery in Tokyo. The exhibition could be seen afterwards in the Ikeda Art Museum in Tochigi and in Niigata. The marble statue titled as Torso became the property of Prince Takamodo.
The copy of the Little Princess of the Budapest Danube Corso was given by the artist to the Tokyo Metropolis Government, that was inaugurated in the framework of a ceremony in the open hall of the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Art Space Center.
The whole figure statue of Happy Özséb and the relief of Bishop József Mindszenty will be placed in the Rock Chapel in Budapest.
The statuette of John the Baptist with Jesus Christ will be put on the baptist fountain of the Big Church in Pápa.
The statue of the Shephard boy is exhibited in Ipolyvece. The statue of Sainted Borbála was inaugurated in his home town. His St. Stephen bust was put on show in the Park of the Theological High School in Veszprém.
The life size statue of the Crucified Christ was erected in the graveyard of Ipolyvece.
President of the Republic of Hungary Ferenc Mádl opened the artist's permanent exhibition in his home town in Tapolca in the Marton Gallery on the shore of the lake.

2001. Ordered by a German organization he makes a statue about Arch Angel St. Michael with the Satan. The 5/4 statue of Flora will be placed in the Park of the Festetics Palace in Keszthely.
Invited by the German-Hungarian Friendship Society his exhibition opens in Pforzheim.
He is commissioned to make a serial of portrait reliefs about actors and actresses as well as whole figure statues of Imre Sinkovits in the role of Mozes and Tamás Major in the role of Richard III.
His statue to commemorate the Millennium of Hungary titled as Cantata Profana is inaugurated in Budapest.
THis touring exhibition in Japan was opened by Prince Takamodo and Princess Hiszako in the Ikebukuro Metropolitan Art Space Center Gallery in Tokyo.
President of the Republic of Hungary Ferenc Mádl opened the artist's permanent exhibition in his home town in Tapolca in the Marton Gallery on the shore of the lake.


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