My Ars Poetica

I believe that art is universal.
Masterpiece speaks for itself It radiates, it captivates, and it is difficult to disentangle oneself from its grip. Knowing all this, I work in the hope that I too might leave a few creations to posterity. I am certain that time spares omly vohat has the power to attract: any work that repels will not survive.
Few Words about Monumental Statues.
Ewer since I was a child I have had the strongest attraction to plasties exhibited in public places, to large statues. Large projects are what give me most satisfaetion; when I am working on one I somehow fmd myself, and I am both electrified by the joy of creation and calmed, although I am fully aware that the highest standards must be met.
Statues exhibited in public plaees speak to the general publie. I have always tried to retain the forms of great (traditional)


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